Automated DNC (Do-Not-Call) Checking

~ The Smart Solution To Maximize Productivity While Maintaining Compliance ~

Since 2nd July 2014 when the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) comes into full effect, SpiderGate has remained as the market leader of automated DNC checking solutions in Singapore till this date.

Offering a wide range of communication solutions and integration options built for enterprises, SpiderGate strives to provide you with the best telecommunication solution tailored for your company while enabling you to maintain compliance through the usage of our solutions.

We Provide Automated DNC Checking Solutions For:

For Calls

Our solution can not only be integrated with your traditional PBX phone system but can also be provided through our own full-fledged Cloud PBX phone system.


Sending SMS to an individual or for a marketing campaign? Our solution can be easily incorporated with your company blacklist to avoid sending messages to unintended parties.

For Agents

We also provide solution for agents who always moving around and require DNC checking on-the-go.